Denver Veterans Day Parade


Saturday, November 12, 2016 • 10:00 am

Parade Starts at 14th St & W Colfax Ave

This year’s Denver Veterans Day Parade will be comprised of local Veterans organizations and supporters. The Veteran community has really stepped up and pooled resources to give the community a reason to show up and support this important cause. The Parade represents a salute to our Veterans – those who have risked life and limb to ensure our freedoms.

This year, the Parade will be broken down into serials that represent a different conflict in military history: Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, etc. This will allow our spectators to brush up on their military history as well as add a sense of excitement to the event. Each engagement will feature military memorabilia from that era – i.e. old uniforms, vehicles, and weapons. The Veterans organizations have agreed to march together to showcase their organizations historic roots in these eras.

Denver Veterans Day Parade

Parade Route

Parade Starts at 10:00 am at 14th St & W Colfax Ave

Prime Viewing Areas:

  • Colfax & Bannock
  • Colfax & Broadway
  • Colfax & Lincoln
  • Lincoln & 14th Ave
  • Broadway & 14th Ave
  • Bannock & 14th Ave

↓ Download the Parade Map Here

Denver Veterans Day Parade

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Denver Veterans Day Parade Sponsors


Are you interested in a great opportunity that will both benefit our local veteran community, but also help market your brand? Individuals, organizations, or businesses interested in sponsoring the Denver Veterans Day Parade can contact Rob Bingham. We thank you for your support!